Thursday, October 28, 2010

Discount Card............WITH Maternity Savings

Best Discount Card:    GONE!
                                       No longer available ...effective Sept 14, 2011

For right now, you can try:  


Costs to have a baby (before your negotiated discounts are applied): 
$5,000 to $14,000  -  Hospital    (varies by zip code/area)
$3,000 to $  4,000  -  ObGyn      (PreNatal + Delivery)
$2,000 to $  3,000  -  Anesthesiologist   
$1,000 to $  3,000  -  Labs & Sonograms

$11,000 to $24,000 - Total Costs (before re-pricing in PPO networks)

Complications (which are covered benefits with many Health Insurance Plans) could cost an additional $3,000 to $25,000. 
If you need a good, solid Major Medical (Health Insurance) Plan, we'll help you find that, too!  
We have hundreds of Health Insurance plans to choose from. 
And, you need the millions-in-coverage that they offer (before you are pregnant)!!! 

The largest claim I've ever seen was almost $5 million! 
It was for a pre-mature baby who remained in intensive care for a long time!
So....don't overlook this valuable coverage!!! 

These million-dollar Health Insurance Plans range from $40/month to hundreds/month (depending upon your age, home zip code, health,  and the deductible/benefits that you choose). 

Ask us about the SAVER Policy. 
I own it myself. 
- Millions-in-coverage 
- Great (low) monthly rates
- 100% coverage for well-woman check-ups
- Complications-of-pregnancy coverage
- Moment-of-birth benefits for newborns
.....if you follow-the-rules
We'll tell you about all of the rules after you pick a policy. 
But, basically, you must notify your insurance company that you do want to add your baby to your policy within 30 days after the birth. 
We are here to guide you......all the way.....and into the future. 

And, HSA policies offer nice benefits, too! 
You can pay your maternity bills with tax-FREE money!  
More info about HSA's:

We can send you side-by-side quotes....and help you pick the right policy for your needs. 


Our old Maternity Insurance Plans (that are no longer available) DID have high out-of-pocket costs.
You just can't get around it. 
Babies aren't cheap. 
And, medical costs are expensive in the USA. 

Here are 2 examples of the most-recent true insurance plans that we had (on the private market in Texas): 
#1 - $6000 minimum out-of-pocket to have a baby
                $3000 - Monthly premiums for 10 months ($300/month)
                $1000 - Maternity Deductible
                $2000 - CoInsurance (20% after deductible was met) 
#2 - $5530 minimum out-of-pocket to have a baby
                $  530 - Monthly premiums for 10 months ($53/month)
                $5000 - Maternity Deductible   ...Then 100% coverage your money, buy the best coverage available (when you need it) & ask GrandMa & GrandPa for a little help if they want that little Bundle-of-Joy to brighten their lives. 

Other options (for maternity coverage) are listed below (in previous posts). 
Please explore these options, too (before you call). 
Who knows? 
  You might just qualify for free govt assistance.  (The link is posted below.) 
  Or maybe your Trade Association or University offers a Group Policy with maternity benefits automatically included. 
Then, call us for help when you need us! 

We are happy to be of service to you! 

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